We Resolve Your Bird Challenges

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Specialized Tech

We have developed special techniques for the use of devices that we use in tandem with our highly specialized bird behavior modification expertise.


Where safe and appropriate, we deploy high tech drones that can be programmed to act like predators to repel persistent problem birds.


Birds of Prey like hawks, falcons & owls can be deployed in some venues to deter problem birds.

Where it is safe for our birds to be utilized, they can be very effective threats to wild birds.


We specialize in NON-LETHAL bird control.

While our birds are highly trained, they are not trained to hunt your problem birds. They are trained to intimidate them as natural enemies.

What Does "OverWatch" Mean?

In modern warfare, Overwatch is a term referring to a protection tactic.

The state of one small unit or military vehicle supporting another unit.

At OverWatch, we have embraced that concept to become your protection unit in the battle against nuisance birds.

OverWatch Can Help


To preserve peace between humanity and the winged world

through non lethal engagement while solving your bird challenge.